My Favorite Online Marketing Softwares, Tools, Trainings, And Books
Since I work to live instead of live to work, I use A LOT of software to mostly automate my business. I am also always learning from top trainings from top entrepreneurs, to keep sharpening my mind, learning new ideas, and growing my online business skill set.

Check out my favorite tools below (all of which have FREE trials)

Note that they are affiliate links, so I will get a commission if you decide to use these products. In most cases, you'll also get some GREAT bonuses for joining via my links.
 Website, Funnel, and Landing Page Building
Landing pages are one of the best ways to sell products online and collect email leads. Being able to create a landing page is so critical these days, especially if you want to collect more leads or have something to promote, like your own product, service or webinar.

But building them yourself is tough! Especially if you are like me, a non-techie and lack any coding or design skills at all.

Fortunately, there are several landing page services out there that make creating landing pages simple, even for non-techie, non-coders like myself.

Below are my most recommended landing page building service providers out there.
ClickFunnels is my #1 tool for building landing pages, websites, sales and marketing funnels, and more. Basically you’re getting everything you need to market and sell your products online, without having to hire expensive developers.

Not only can you create landing pages and popups with ClickFunnels, but you can build entire multi-step sales funnels. These funnels can integrate with payment processors like Stripe and Paypal, so your customers can pay you directly.

What you see on this page is 100% built with ClickFunnels.
LeadPages is a web based software for creating landing pages and popups, both specifically designed to collect email addresses. 

It’s hard not to visit any popular blog online and notice that many of them are using LeadPages in some form or another. 

Everything you create in LeadPages is mobile responsive so your pages and popups will function and look great on any device. The editor makes it easy to preview how your page will look at various sizes as well.
Instapage is a cloud service that enables you to build landing pages without knowing how to code. You can design any type of landing page you like with it. 

The editor is fully drag-and-drop and it allows you to add and move elements anywhere on the page, which gives you amazing freedom to be very creative with your designs.

The Heatmaps feature allows you to get insights into how your visitors are behaving on your landing pages. The Heatmap Visualizer will track mouse movement, clicks, and scroll depth for every visitor
 Email Service Provider & Email Marketing Automation
Building your email list is critical and should be the #1 task for your online business.

Email marketing is so critical for any small business to get right. If implemented properly, it will certainly become the most important tool in your business for creating relationships with your followers and making sales.

However, email marketing automation has become more and more important. Email marketing automation is the future and it will help you target your customers better, resulting in higher conversion and sales.

Below are my most recommended email marketing service providers out there.
I am sure you have a personal email account with Gmail right? Imagine having a powerful email service with all the powerful add-on softwares to help your online business.  

With GSuite, you can use the Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, and Google Drive apps to manage the business' contacts lists, email campaigns, organize all of my documents, and I can access them anywhere I want across my laptop and mobile devices. 

Every aspect of G Suite has helped my business run efficiently and effectively. Highly recommended!
GetResponse is one of the most well-rounded email service providers out there in terms of features.

The marketing automation features allows you to create truly targeted email marketing campaigns that can really increase your conversions. 

It is a list based email service provider. This means every contact you add gets stored in a specific list. 

This is the service provider that I use to manage all my email marketing activities from multiple websites.
ConvertKit is a popular email services that can provide marketing automations without the huge cost.

 ConvertKit’s visual automation editor makes editing each step in your automation workflow seamless. You can edit your email inside the automation editor itself. And you can also edit your forms in the same way.

ConvertKit makes marketing automations truly user-friendly and easy to understand, even non-techie people like me. 

I used ConvertKit before I switched to GetResponse.
 Marketing Tools
I'm sure you've heard of the quote "If you build it, they will come."

That statement is true IF AND ONLY IF you attract enough eyeballs for others to see what you have to offer. You can only do that if you have massive traffic or you have large followings or large number of email lists. 

Remember, every expert was once a beginner. Everybody starts from zero list and zero followings.  

Want more traffic? Build a bigger email list? Of course you do. Everyone is looking for that.

Below are my most recommended marketing tools out there.
Whenever I need to get things done related to graphic design,  Fiverr is where I go to. You can get a lot done within 48 hours for cheap!

The project does not cost $5 as advertised. So, you need to read carefully on what is offered to avoid disappointment.  Choose wisely who you want to work with. Read the reviews and be as detailed as possible when you place your project request.
UpViral allows you to add a viral referral mechanism or widget to your website which can create an army of people desperate to promote your business anywhere in the world!

By using UpViral, you can turn one lead to bring in multiple leads and grows your traffic significantly.
This is absolute most favorite marketing platform for Solo Ad traffic.

A solo ad is an email ad that you buy from other email list owners. The owner will then send out an email on your behalf to a subset of their email list. 

You can find ultra-experienced Solo Ad vendors and safely buy high quality traffic in a matter of a few clicks.
ClickMagick is hands-down the best link tracking software for affiliate marketers. 

I use this combined with Udimi to ultimately know which Solo Ads vendors gets the most result.

It helps me track my results & know which traffic sources are giving me great ROI and which aren't worth my time at all.
 Top Trainings and Course:
One Funnel Away Challenge
30 Days of Video Missions From Russell Brunson

30 Days of Intensive Coaching

One Funnel Away Challenge Kit

I've done the challenge 3x and I will do it again!
Funnel Builder Secrets
12 Months Enterprise Account to ClickFunnels

Funnel Hacks Masterclass

Funnel Builder Secrets Training

Traffic Secrets Membership

12 Months Access To Funnel Scripts
10K in 30 days Case Study
Spencer Mecham is the King of Affiliate Marketing!

Learn Step-by-step Training on How To Scale Your New Affiliate Marketing Business Exponentially

How To Automate Your Entire Business So It Truly Does Run on Autopilot Day And Night.
Network And Connect Workshop
Learn Key Networking Skills That Increases The Quality Of Your Connections

Discover Your Goals And True Passion And Find Out Who Are The People To Help You

Introverted? Shy? 
No Time To Network? Hates Networking?

Discover How Your Life Will Change When Networking Done Right
 My Favorite FREE Business Books That Changed My Life
The Ultimate Guide To Sales Funnels
Best Authority/ Branding Book
Funnel Hacker Cookbook
My Self-Published Guidebook
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